My origins, my story

Despite having traveled and exported my idea of pizza to different nations, crossed continents, and encountered countless cultures, my roots are deeply anchored in the ground where I was concetto di pizza in diverse nazioni, attraversato più continenti, e aver approcciato con tantissime culture, le mie radici affondano saldamente nella terra in cui sono nato.

My cherished Puglia.

The first time I got my hands in dough I was probably three years old, there in my grandfather’s bakery.

I remember how much I enjoyed watching my grandfather and father in the production process. I already admired the effort, the precision, and above all, I could feel the passion.
Not to mention the smell, that smell of freshly baked bread that has accompanied me all my life.
Wherever I am, when I enter a bakery, that smell envelops me, I relive my childhood, that for me is the ‘scent of home.’
Even then, I thought I would follow in their footsteps, there was an unexplainable connection between me and the dough, I was young yet I handled it as if it were a part of me.
Today, I look back and realize how far determination and perseverance can take you!
Now I live with my family between Vienna and Dubai, in continents and cities extremely different and far from my origins, yet I still smell the freshly baked bread, the tambourines of my Puglia, the Primitivo on the table at Sunday lunch.
Yet I am not surprised, because I was given strong roots to return and wings to fly anywhere in the world, but with Puglia always in my heart.
That bakery was my cradle, my lifeline, my safe harbor, and the toughest school of my life.

It’s there that I learned the values that have made me what I am today.

The effort, not just mental but physical, palms of the hands sore, but also arms and legs. The sacrifices. Declining invitations from friends who wanted to go out at night. And then the sleepless nights spent on the ‘counter’ baking, until dawn with the first light of the morning.
This was my life in the family bakery. We produced at night and rested during the day. Rhythms not so simple for a twenty-year-old.
Yet I felt happy.
At least until I realized that what was once my safe harbor had become a ‘tight’ place that no longer stimulated me.
I tried to suppress my instincts, to convince myself that I should continue in the footsteps of my grandfather and father.
Yet baking was no longer enough for me. It had been a teacher, but with pizza, I had more fun.
The imagination had room, following rules and timing, to shape what I had in mind and fueled the fire of passion.
I don’t know exactly what happened but it’s as if there had been a blackout.
Or an enlightenment.
If I hadn’t listened to my instinct, despite being against everyone, I probably wouldn’t be here today.
The rushes gave way to attention to work, attracted by those irresistible smells, my imagination began to have well-defined contours, the path was traced.

So I began to study with dedication everything concerning Neapolitan pizza, that was what I wanted to specialize in.

Many years of studying dough techniques, chemical processes, knowledge of raw materials until I reached my idea of perfection.
These are my undisputed values.

The goal has always been clear.
To elevate the concept of pizza.
To offer a unique product, faithful to tradition, but innovative.
To serve my vision of pizza.

For many, being a pizzaiolo is just another job, done for lack of alternatives or better choices. In my case, it’s a natural inclination, with baking in my family background, from a young age with my hands in dough.
Year after year, study and research have led me to find the right balance for the pizza I offer at Via Toledo. Do you know what passion tastes like?


Dedication and passion

Upon my arrival in Austria, it was all uphill. Extensive apprenticeship and tough labor, yet when I finally achieved my dream by establishing and opening Via Toledo, it was beautiful to be so valued even away from home.

Pizza Doc In The World – Best Italian Pizza Chef in the world.

It was November 2019 when, partly for fun and partly to challenge myself, I participated in the 6th Pizza DOC Championship. Two days of competition, more than 350 competitors, and about a thousand pizzas under the scrutiny of a hidden jury. Hearing my name at the award ceremony, winning the most prestigious prize, was pure emotion.

From there, everything changed. In Austria, I was welcomed with extraordinary enthusiasm and attention. Newspapers, television broadcasters, radio interviews… Then followed many other satisfactions, in 2020 I entered the highly coveted category

50Top Pizza, ranking as the Best Pizzeria in Austria, 2nd Best in Europe, best wine list and performance of the year.