The aim has always been clear!

Raising the concept of pizza.

Offering a product that is unique, loyal to tradition, but also innovative

This is my idea of pizza.

Time is a mentor,

It teaches humility and gives the desire to constantly improve. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Pizza became modern when it turned into a digestible, healthy food.

For this reason, I have developed and crafted a blend that ensures lightness and flavor, a product custom-made for my vision of pizza.

When you eat it, you savor it joyfully.

A magical process that originates from basic components, most importantly high-quality flour.

Intense, my own blend crafted to provide a rustic taste and the proper lightness, which then helps me balance additional ingredients.

Like a dance, I stretch the dough, caressing and pampering it with wisdom, love, and experience.

Continuous movements, which I have repeated for years, but which always give me the same emotion.

The family bakery taught me about respect and the control of fire.

It’s the core of a job that involves passion and sensitivity.

The ultimate detail, the flavor explosion that renders the pizza memorable.

The finest flavors of my Italy, to please every palate.

Initially, it was tough, I was losing sleep, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t settle for just making a good pizza, I aimed to add my personal touch through a dough that would reflect my own story as well.

Francesco Calò.


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